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Blog Mastermind Group

A Slack group by bloggers, for bloggers. This isn’t your regular blogging community. We’re not here to share and promote each other’s content, we’re here to share knowledge and help each other’s blogs grow.

About The Blog Mastermind Slack Group

Grow your blog with people who share a common interest.

Our community has people in different niches in different parts of the world, but the goal is still the same – to become a better blogger.




Before you join

Community rules to follow

Some simple rules to follow to help you fit in and know what our group is about.

Be friendly

We’re a great group of people (humblebrag). You’ll fit right in if you’re a nice person. When you first join the group hop into the #introductions channel to introduce yourself, and your blog.

No over-promoting your blog

We have a channel for people to promote their content (#i-wrote-it), but if your only intention is to get us to read your content (and not contribute) then you won’t last long in the group.

Take part in the conversation

The conversation takes place across different channels, so feel free to join in with your thoughts and experiences.

No selling allowed

If you’re trying to sell something to us we’re not buying it. This isn’t a group to sell your course or eBook (no matter how good you think it is).